Word of Mouth Marketing

Proven to be the most effective form of marketing; our brand of Lip Service doesn’t just make sense, it makes cents.

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Networking Events

Networking Events that promote your products/services direct to the consumer

Creative Idealization

Need creative direction? Consulting, idealization, brand identity or even to help cultivate your vision.

Promotional Consideration

Let’s put your plan into action. Engage consumers, customers and staff across all media with unique promotional marketing.

Our Story

Well hello there! How did you find me…was someone talking about me again? That is truly one of life’s greatest compliments. When your customer talks about you, you have left them with a memory, or an experience, they want to talk more about.

Over the last 11 years I have built a reputation with fans and advocates based on my passion and results. Imagine a simple, successful strategy to amplify your network. A million engagements could not equal the ROI of referral marketing and Lip Service. That just makes cents!

For word of mouth to happen, we all know that people must talk, and people must listen. Now think about how you could accelerate your results if the person understood your product or service enough to share it accurately. It’s all about their experience, and that same experience could happen in a split second or happen over a lifetime.

According to KISSmetrics, a marketing analytics software company, word of mouth marketing can increase conversion rates by 400 percent! Word of mouth – referral or recommendation…..is the holy grail of business success — dependable and credible!

Contagious fans of networks get people talking about your name. Let’s get them talking about you NOW. Don’t let it take a lifetime.

~ Brenda M. Cioe, Creative Director